Wakē V2


The all new Wakē V2 – a smarter way to wakeup. Pre-order now for expected delivery starting in October 2019 for the next batch. Learn More.

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Please note this is a pre-order for Wakē  V2. Pre-orders started to ship in May 2019 and the next batch is expected to ship in October 2019. 

Customers outside of the US are responsible for settling customs and VAT dues separately.

Wakē is changing the way the world wakes up. Wakē looks (and works) like a small reading light positioned above your headboard, but it’s actually jammed with advanced electronics and capable of doing some impressive things.

Wakē uses a LED and special (“parametric”) speaker to focus sound on one person in bed without disturbing your nearby partner.  Melodies played through the speaker start quietly and grow louder as Wakē’s light beam grows brighter on your face. Since these effects are aimed solely at you, your wake-up can progress in a slow and natural way. The result is similar to waking up naturally on a weekend while a sunrise streams through your window.

While directional light and sound is cool, there’s still a role for traditional speakers & LED lighting inside Wakē. Multi-color programmable Mood Lights positioned on the back of Wakē can “up-light” your bedroom wall. The soft glow is designed to help you avoid brighter bedroom lighting in the evening, which can disrupt your circadian rhythm.  You can also program the Mood Lights to act as a night-light if you feel like it.

Wait, there’s more! An omni-directional Mood Speaker enables Wakē’s Mood Beats feature. Use the Wakē app to program any number of “everywhere sounds” like white noise, nature effects, or other calming tracks. You can program these sounds to mask background noise to help ease your transition to sleep.

Wakē requires a 2.4 GHz WiFi network; 5 GHz WiFi is not supported.  2.4 GHz is the typical WiFi frequency used by home routers. Wakē also requires an iOS or Android (5.0+) mobile device to control using the free app.