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In order to bring Wakē v2 to the world, we need to acquire some expensive injection mold tooling and buy large batches of parts at affordable prices, which is why we are currently running a Kickstarter!

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And join us in revolutionizing the way we wake up!


Wakē looks (and works) like a small reading light positioned above your headboard.

In the morning, Wakē quietly rotates to find where you are in bed by sensing your body heat without compromising privacy.

Then, Wakē’s directional LED and a special ("parametric") speaker focus light and sound on just you in bed. As the light beam grows gradually brighter, the speaker’s melodies start softly and then grow slowly louder, much like a sunrise accompanied by comforting background music.

Since these effects are aimed solely at you, your wake-up can progress in a slow, natural way, while your partner rests peacefully at your side.


While directional light and sound is pretty awesome, Wakē still offers the positives of traditional speakers & omni-directional LED lighting. Multi-color, programmable Mood Lights positioned on Wakē’s backside can "up-light" your bedroom wall, while the soft glow helps you avoid brighter bedroom lighting in the evening (and maintain a happy circadian rhythm).  You can even program the Mood Lights to serve as night-lights if you like.

Wait, there's more! An omni-directional Mood Speaker enables Wakē's Mood Beats feature. Use the Wakē app to program any number of "everywhere sounds" like white noise, nature effects, and other calming tracks. You can program these sounds to mask background noise and help ease your transition to sleep.