T+3 Week Update

Happy New Year from the Lucera Labs Team!  The Lucera Labs team has much to be thankful for in 2018, including the successful Kickstarter campaign which was made possible by all of our backers.  To our backers:  thank you for helping us make 2018 a great year for Wake! We're looking forward to getting Wakē v2 out to the world in 2019.  

As for development news, we've commissioned the plastic injection molds and ordered more electronics for final verification.  Over the next couple weeks we'll be spending some time handling some administrative tasks for Lucera Labs to set us up for success in 2019.  We'll also be continuing our development and testing of the mobile apps for both local network and cloud connectivity.  We'll continue to keep you updated on our progress.  

Best wishes in 2019 from the Lucera Labs team! 

T+2 Week Update

This week the team has been balancing eggnog and yuletide carols with hardware and software developments. Our biggest development is on the Lucera Labs website: we are now accepting pre-sale orders for Wakē. Units sold as part of a pre-sale order via the Lucera Labs website will ship after the Kickstarter units but are a great option for those who missed out on the Kickstarter campaign.

On the technical front, we finished integrating the feedback from the injection molding consultant and we are ready to commission the molds. By the end of this week we should have the mold order placed! Our electronic engineer also made the final updates to the circuit boards; we'll be ordering a couple test boards to verify the updates before we place our big order.

The software & firmware team is testing the new interface between Wakē and the mobile apps. Previously, the mobile apps communicated with Wakē via a cloud interface. While the cloud interface is helpful for development purposes, we wanted to move to an approach that increased user privacy and reduced our cloud costs. Our new approach stores user data on the Wakē itself (versus the cloud) and allows the mobile apps to communicate directly with Wakē over the user's local WiFi network. This means that when you use Wakē on your local network, your data stays on your local network. This approach also reduces the loading time for the mobile apps depending on your network connection. For best performance, you should make sure your Wakē has a strong WiFi connection.

One drawback of the new interface is that you must be on the same local network as your Wakē in order to schedule wakeups or otherwise configure your Wakē. That is one of the reasons we will be offering cloud connectivity as part of the Wakē experience. We will discuss cloud connectivity and the associated benefits in a future update but know that one of the key features of cloud connectivity is the ability to configure your Wakē from anywhere.  

Please note that Wakē requires a 2.4 GHz WiFi network and that 5 GHz is not supported. 2.4 GHz is the typical WiFi frequency used by home routers so unless you have an advanced network setup this should not be a problem.

Next week we will be talking about some of our partners that made the Wakē V2 Kickstarter campaign a success.

T+1 Week Update

The Kickstarter closed a week ago which means it's time for our first update!

The injection-molded components are driving the schedule for Wakē V2. Up to this point we've been using 3D-printed shells but that won't scale out to the number of shells we need. This week we've been working with a consultant to finish the mold design for the injection molded components. By our next update we should have the changes integrated and be ready to commission the molds.

Wakē V2 CAD Render

Wakē V2 CAD Render

We've also been putting the final polishes on the electronic design. When Kickstarter launched we were on our third revision of the Wakē V2 PCB; since our last PCB a few of the components are now end-of-life so we're going to build one more set of test electronics before we place our big order. This updated build will also include the upgraded mood speaker that we mentioned during the campaign.

Our software & firmware team has been hard at work baselining the interface between Wakē and the mobile apps. We'll be talking more about how users interact with Wakē in coming updates.

Our next update will be (shortly) after the Christmas holiday. From all of us here at Lucera Labs, Happy Holidays!

We Did It - Thanks to You!

First of all, from all of us at Lucera Labs, we say THANK YOU! For years our tiny team toiled away on Wake v2 , out of view from the shimmery lights of the big world... and now, with your unwavering support, we can make it a reality. You believed in us, and now together, we can go about changing the way the world wakes up.

It should take about two weeks before Kickstarter transmits all funds to Lucera Labs. We'll post an update as soon as they do. Then we'll be placing our order for injection molding followed by our big PCB order shortly after that. Once all parts are in house, we'll begin integration & test. It's going to be awesome!

We'll post regular updates here on Kickstarter (complete with pictures) so you can get a feel for the sweet sweet progress of the first several hundred products to march off the assembly line. We'll also be sending out a survey closer to shipping time to capture your mailing addresses.  

If you have any questions or comments feel free to share them. Also don't hesitate to share an idea you think might be cool. While we can't act on all of them, we've already incorporated some that were sent to us during the KS campaign. 

Will Russell

Lucera Labs