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T+7 Week Update

Our mold design is complete and is undergoing one last review before metal is ordered. Our baseline schedule had us receiving the first injection molded parts (called T1 samples) before the Chinese New Year holiday so we could evaluate the sample … Read More

T+5 Week Update

We have an action-packed update for you this week!  We’ve made major strides in literally every part of Wakē over the past two weeks:  read below for exciting updates on the injection molded components, the electronics, the software, and our company.   … Read More

T+3 Week Update

Happy New Year from the Lucera Labs Team!  The Lucera Labs team has much to be thankful for in 2018, including the successful Kickstarter campaign which was made possible by all of our backers.  To our backers:  thank you for helping us … Read More

T+2 Week Update

This week the team has been balancing eggnog and yuletide carols with hardware and software developments. Our biggest development is on the Lucera Labs website: we are now accepting pre-sale orders for Wakē. Units sold as part of a pre-sale order via … Read More

T+1 Week Update

The Kickstarter closed a week ago which means it’s time for our first update! The injection-molded components are driving the schedule for Wakē V2. Up to this point we’ve been using 3D-printed shells but that won’t scale out to the … Read More

We Did It – Thanks to You!

First of all, from all of us at Lucera Labs, we say THANK YOU! For years our tiny team toiled away on Wake v2 , out of view from the shimmery lights of the big world… and now, with your … Read More