Hot off the presses! All production parts are now in house!

Good news! We received all 500 chassis sets last week and have begun limited production.

Production Chassis

These first few dozen units, composed of entirely production parts and the latest firmware revision will be put through a few days of fatigue testing and good ‘ole fashion rough handling. The fatigue testing will ensure the moving parts that enable rotation stays smooth and quiet, even after thousands of cycles simulating years of use. We’re also makings sure the chassis and mounting bracket will withstand the occasional bump, shove or forceful re-positioning. 

When we’re confident everything is ready to scale up, we’ll hire on some part-time labor to help chomp through the entire production run, then label, package and ship everything out worldwide. 

Less exciting but still an notable is all the prep work recently done to properly package and ship your Wakē v2. We don’t have the financing yet for Apple-esque packaging, but we’ve taken care to make sure everyone’s product reaches their destinations safely and securely. Boxes, labels, kit accessories, and customs forms are easily overlooked, but obviously essential. 

The software team has a candidate for the production firmware.  We’re fielding the firmware to our beta testers to validate it; once the beta testers have tried out the firmware, we’ll be loading it on the units as they are assembled.  This will certainly not be the final version of firmware though:  our ability to conduct over-the-air (OTA) updates will allow us to keep your units up to date with the latest features.  The next step for the software team is finalizing the mobile apps and beginning the vetting process with Apple and Google.    

We will be posting additional updates that include pictures of our mass build. We are still operating in hyper-light startup mode; once we fulfill our Kickstarter obligations in June we’ll be shipping units in July.

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