Parts Are Rolling In

The workspaces at Lucera Labs are filling up with production components!  Last week we received the entire lot of Wakē circuit boards.  

Production PCBs

The injection-molded components remains our schedule driver.  We tested the first round of injection molded samples; overall they were great but the molds did require a couple tweaks.  After making the mold adjustments, the manufacturer was able to produce the second round of samples.  Check out this beauty!   

Outer Shell

The final product will have a slightly different finish but the colors are representative of the final product.  The manufacturer is now working to fulfill our production order; in the meantime, we’re building out a few units for beta testing using the samples we received.  

The software team is marching ahead with updates to the device’s firmware and mobile apps.  Recently they’ve been working on testing scripts; these scripts allow us to thoroughly check out a device to ensure that you get a reliable, polished product. 

The major takeaway from this update is that we’re entering the home stretch!  With the last of our parts being manufactured now and our firmware under test, we’re poised for final integration and testing, followed by product fulfillment at the end of May. 

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