Production Samples are In!

Hot off the molds! Wakē v2 injection molds are complete and have made their very first parts. We couldn’t be more proud. The mold factory (in China) sent these first samples and while they don’t have representative colors or textures for the finished Wakē v2, they’re great for testing parts fit and basic function. Once testing is complete (1-2 days), we’ll have a set of final samples made before molding an entire batch of production parts.  

Base Ring and Face Plates
Back Shell

But that’s not all! Our first production printed circuit board (PCB) samples have also arrived.  Our hardware engineer has already tested them and given the go-ahead to produce all 500 boards.   

Production Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)

Additionally, all other miscellaneous parts and components that were “off-the-shelf” are in-house or on their way now. With a full set of production parts, we’re going to soon assemble the first production prototypes for distribution to our Beta team. That way we can rack up a few miles on hardware that’s mechanically (although not aesthetically) production-grade.    

Wakē v2’s firmware has also made some great strides over the last couple weeks.  We’ve added the ability to remotely transfer new sound tracks to the device, allowing us to keep your unit up-to-date as new tracks become available.  We’ve also found a way to make the motor rotation even quieter via software!  

We’ll keep posting updates as we transition to full rate manufacturing! More pics and sweet updates to come!  

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