T+10 Week Update

This is our most exciting update yet!  We’ve made great progress on all fronts of Wakē since our last update.  

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.  Check out the injection molds! 

Injection Molds

We will receive our first sample from the molds mid-March.  Once we get the sample we’ll verify form and function; the next major milestone after that will be receiving a sample of the molds with the proper finishes.  

We’ve also placed orders for the electronics and the USB power cords.  We were planning on waiting for the mold sample before proceeding with the order but we’re confident enough at this point to proceed before we receive the sample.  The takeaway: we’re driving hard to deliver units to you ASAP!  Once the electronics arrive we will start loading them with firmware and preparing them for installation in the chassis.  

On the software front, our two focuses as of late have been security and maintainability.  For security, we’ve enabled SSL encryption on Wakē’s connection to the cloud.  On the maintainability side we’ve also refined our ability to push over-the-air updates via this connection.

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