T+5 Week Update

We have an action-packed update for you this week!  We’ve made major strides in literally every part of Wakē over the past two weeks:  read below for exciting updates on the injection molded components, the electronics, the software, and our company.  

Injection Molded Components

Our fearless leader Will has been working with the provider of our injection molded components for the last two weeks.  We had done everything we could prior to starting our contract with the firm, we simply had to wait for the Kickstarter funds to drop before we were able to get a contract signed.  Once the contract was signed, the company was able to provide official feedback on our mechanical designs.  The process of refining our designs for injection molding took a week longer than anticipated but we are excited to announce that as of Thursday the design is finalized and the firm has started preparing the molds.  Our next milestone will be the receipt of the first samples of the injection molded components.

Injection Mold Analysis


Our electronics engineer has been testing what should be our final circuit board design.  He has refined the mood speaker in order to decrease the design complexity and increase the sound quality; after testing the new design he was able to confirm the design changes were a success!  There are two other design changes he is currently evaluating:  a change to the directional speakers that allows for an even lower minimum volume and a change that prolongs the life of the IR sensor.  Let’s take a look at the electronics:  

Wakē Circuit Board


Our major software accomplishment this week has been updating our firmware to only use official libraries from our chip provider.  Previously, our firmware had a number of dependencies on various software libraries; this week we finished updating our software such that we only depend on libraries that our officially supported by our chip provider.  This translates into firmware that is more reliable, more secure, and easier to update.  


Among other administrative items we’ve been busy updating our website.  We’re adding more information to help people understand what exactly Wakē is and what it does.  We’re also trying out an updated look and feel that brings us more in line with other IoT products.  We’ll send a note out once our new website is live.  

We hope you are excited as we are about Wakē v2’s progress.  Stay tuned for even more updates!   

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