T+1 Week Update

The Kickstarter closed a week ago which means it’s time for our first update!

The injection-molded components are driving the schedule for Wakē V2. Up to this point we’ve been using 3D-printed shells but that won’t scale out to the number of shells we need. This week we’ve been working with a consultant to finish the mold design for the injection molded components. By our next update we should have the changes integrated and be ready to commission the molds.

Wakē V2 CAD Render
Wakē V2 CAD Render

We’ve also been putting the final polishes on the electronic design. When Kickstarter launched we were on our third revision of the Wakē V2 PCB; since our last PCB a few of the components are now end-of-life so we’re going to build one more set of test electronics before we place our big order. This updated build will also include the upgraded mood speaker that we mentioned during the campaign.

Our software & firmware team has been hard at work baselining the interface between Wakē and the mobile apps. We’ll be talking more about how users interact with Wakē in coming updates.

Our next update will be (shortly) after the Christmas holiday. From all of us here at Lucera Labs, Happy Holidays!

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