We Did It – Thanks to You!

First of all, from all of us at Lucera Labs, we say THANK YOU! For years our tiny team toiled away on Wake v2 , out of view from the shimmery lights of the big world… and now, with your unwavering support, we can make it a reality. You believed in us, and now together, we can go about changing the way the world wakes up.

It should take about two weeks before Kickstarter transmits all funds to Lucera Labs. We’ll post an update as soon as they do. Then we’ll be placing our order for injection molding followed by our big PCB order shortly after that. Once all parts are in house, we’ll begin integration & test. It’s going to be awesome!

We’ll post regular updates here on Kickstarter (complete with pictures) so you can get a feel for the sweet sweet progress of the first several hundred products to march off the assembly line. We’ll also be sending out a survey closer to shipping time to capture your mailing addresses.  

If you have any questions or comments feel free to share them. Also don’t hesitate to share an idea you think might be cool. While we can’t act on all of them, we’ve already incorporated some that were sent to us during the KS campaign. 

Will Russell

Lucera Labs

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