• Meet Wakē , a Smarter Way to Wakeup

    ...without waking your partner

  • Meet Wakē , a Smarter Way to Wakeup

    ...without waking your partner


The world's first smart light that wakes you naturally without distributing your partner

Natural Wakeup

Wakē's light gradually simulates a sunrise to help you start your morning with an improved mood and more energy.

Stop Disturbing Your Partner

Wakē targets just one individual during a wakeup, so your partner can continue resting without interruption.

Reading Light

Like to read late at night? Wakē is also a reading light wit a narrow beam of light so you can read while your partner sleeps.

How it Works

"Wakē has revolutionized the way I wake up in the morning, effectively waking me up gradually with little to no disruption to my wife. Long gone are the days of phone alarms with multiple backup alarms that blast loudly and wake everyone up."
New Jersey
"The Wakē is such a pleasant way to awaken each morning. The gentle rousing is much better than a startling alarm and I am in a much better mood all day."
"My wake ups with Wakē are reliable and gentle. No more buzz buzz--only subtle light and sound nudge me awake."
"It is incredible how the Wakē rouses one of us without disturbing the other person in the same bed! The entire household is sleeping better because we no longer get woken up by each other's alarms blaring through the walls."
"The Wake V2 has greatly improved my early morning wake-ups without disturbing my partner. Other methods proved too loud or not effective enough for regular use. Wake V2 provides me a calm yet effective way to start my day."

Patented Technology

The team developed Wakē's technology over the course of several years, and though loads of prototypes. The process wasn't easy or quick, but we finally got it nailed. Now we proudly can proclaim that our patented technology is the first ever to provide targeted light & sound to one person at a time. Check out the graphic below for an idea of what's inside:

Parametric Speaker

Wakē uses a parametric speaker to focus sound to one person in bed rather than spreading sound everywhere. Parametric speakers use the wizardry of multiple ultrasonic waves that combine to create an audible signal focused in a tight beam. We're not making this up! Google "Parametric Speaker" if you don't believe us. While this type of speaker isn't great for music, it's absolutely perfect to play simple melodies to wake you.

Ready to wakeup in the 21st century?

Get in the Mood

While directional light and sound makes Wake unique, we also included a traditional speaker and lighting to help you relax at the end of the day. The mutli-color programmable Mood Light is designed to help you avoid brighter bedroom lights in the evening, which can disrupt your circadian rhythm. And the normal speaker will help ease your transition to sleep with white noise and nature sounds.

Full Control

Configure wakeups and other settings with your Android or iOS mobile device. Since Wakē stores settings onboard, you don't have to worry about a phone turning off overnight.


Wakē V2


The all new Wakē V2 – a smarter way to wakeup, without disturbing your partner. Order now!  Learn More.

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Wakē is changing the way the world wakes up. Wakē looks (and works) like a small reading light positioned above your headboard, but it’s actually packed with advanced electronics and impressive capabilities.

Wakē uses a LED and special (“parametric”) speaker to focus light and sound on one person in bed without disturbing your nearby partner.  Melodies played through the speaker start quietly and grow louder as Wakē’s light beam grows brighter on your face. Since these effects are aimed solely at you, your wake-up can progress in a slow and natural way. The result is similar to waking up naturally to a sunrise streaming through your window.

While directional light and sound is cool, there’s still a role for traditional speakers & LED lighting inside Wakē. Multi-color programmable Mood Lights positioned on the back of Wakē can “up-light” your bedroom wall. The soft glow is designed to help you avoid brighter bedroom lighting in the evening, which can disrupt your circadian rhythm.  You can also set the Mood Lights to act as a night-light.

Wait, there’s more! An omni-directional Mood Speaker enables Wakē’s Mood Beats feature. Use the Wakē app to program any number of “everywhere sounds” like white noise, nature effects, or other calming tracks. You can program these sounds to mask background noise to help ease your transition to sleep.

Wakē requires a 2.4 GHz WiFi network; 5 GHz WiFi is not supported.  2.4 GHz is the typical WiFi frequency used by home routers. Wakē also requires an iOS or Android (5.0+) mobile device to control using the free app.

Usually ships within one week.


Yes of course! Two people sleeping in one bed need only one Wake – which can be programmed with as many different (non-overlapping) alarms as desired.

When you install the Wake app for the first time, you’ll be asked to enter a few details about yourself, including your bedside preference (couples sleeping on the same respective sides of the bed night after night is nearly universal). 
Wake uses this information to make a decision about where to point after it does it’s scan of the bed. For example, if you sleep on the left side of the bed and like to wake up at 5am while your partner prefers to wake up at 6am, Wake will scan the bed at 4:59am, discover two heat signatures, and choose the target on the left while ignoring the one on the right (until 6am).

Yes it does. You can control the reading light through the app or by pressing the nose button.t

There are a few things that could prevent Wake from working properly in your bedroom. 
You’ll need a wall or headboard near the top of your mattress for starters. If you sleep with pets on or right near your pillow, Wake could also confuse them for you. Note – in any situation where Wake can’t locate you, the Wake app will function as a regular alarm app.

Right now, Wake only comes in white. We’re considering adding color choices – let us know what color you’d like to see!

The Wake app is currently compatible with iOS and Android 5.0+

Wake’s parametric speaker has a very narrow beam, however the sound it directs at someone can bounce off their cheeks, nose or forehead and create a small amount of noise that can bleed over to the adjacent pillow. However this noise bleed is many times quieter than the volume in the main audio beam. Limiting the volume setting on the Wake’s app will limit or eliminate this faint background noise.

Wake’s light is like a miniature spotlight. It’s narrowly focused on the subject it’s aimed at, however some stray light can reflect off the sheets and face of the targeted individual and land elsewhere in the room.

Wake’s speaker, while awesome in its directional sound beaming capability, doesn’t sound as good as stereo system – it’s more like a listening to sounds through a small laptop speaker. It can be plenty loud, but audiophiles will not be impressed with its frequency range. To make sure your wake up experience is as enjoyable as possible, we here at Lucera Labs have selected a large variety of peaceful sounds that sound great through the parametric speaker.

We hope you love Wakē as much as we do, but if for any reason you are not happy with Wakē, you may return it for a full refund within 30 days of receiving it. (Buyer pays return shipping). 

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